What can I do about regular staff absences?

Everyone will be ill from time to time, however regular staff absences cause disruption and cost a business money. These are especially disruptive for the small business.

As an employer you have the right to manage staff absences and ensure that employees are aware of the disruption they cause.

You should have a clear policy on how absence will be managed and ensure that everyone is aware of the policy so that it is adopted correctly.

Some of the key points in managing absence are:

  • Develop clear and easy to understand procedures for dealing both short and long term sickness
  • Ensure your reporting, rules and sanctions are made clear to everyone in your business
  • Train your team leaders to conduct return to work interviews in order to establish any underlying reasons for absence
  • Encourage a positive, healthy working atmosphere
  • Ensure you are acting inline with the Access to Medical Reports Act

Filled Under: Performance Posted on: 5th May 2020

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