How can I support staff who are anxious about returning to work after furlough?

Before your staff return to work you will need to have carried out a Risk Assessment, analysing the possible hazards caused by Covid-19, assessing existing control measures and identifying any additional control measures required. You will also have implemented any new control measures. 

The next step is to ensure that this information is communicated clearly to all team members so that they are aware that you know the risks and have taken steps to minimise them. You should also have a clear way in which team members can confidentially communicate any worries to you. Ensure that you take these concerns seriously and address them. Finally make it clear to staff the consequences of not adhering to new safety measures, so that everyone can be sure that as a company you are taking the risk seriously. 

Put into place an ongoing program of Covid-19 communication for employees, so that problems don’t occur moving forward.

Filled Under: Covid-19 Posted on: 24th February 2021

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