How do I support an employee who is required is self-isolate?

The support you offer an employee will depend on the reason for their self-isolation. If your employee has Covid-19 then they are entitled to be off work and will receive any sick pay due to them from day one as per the government’s advice, instead of from day four. You cannot ask them to work whilst they are off sick.

If your employee is self-isolating because they have been in contact with someone who has tested positive or because they are returning from abroad then the situation is slightly different. Your employee may be able to work from their home, in which case you should support them in setting up a suitable work space and ensuring they have all that they need to work effectively. If this is not possible then your employee may be able to claim statutory sick pay or you may be able to furlough them. Your employee could also choose to request some of their annual leave or request unpaid leave. 

In terms of support, try to stay in touch with employees who are self-isolating. If your employee is very sick this may not be possible, but perhaps you can touch base with family members so they are assured of your support. Try not to add requests, questions or stress to employees who are self isolating.

Filled Under: Covid-19 Posted on: 24th February 2021

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