One of our workers has been confirmed as having Covid, should we close the workplace?

If one of your workers has tested positive for Covid you do not need to close the workplace, however you should follow some cleaning protocols which may mean that you have to shut temporarily. You should;

– clean and disinfect the worker’s specific area of work 

– clean and disinfect bathrooms and kitchens that the worker may have used 

– clean and disinfect communal areas that the worked may have used 

The person carrying out the cleaning must wear PPE and if the worker has accessed multiple locations then you should consider anti-bacterial fogging. 

Other workers that have been in direct contact with the infected worker should be asked to self isolate. 

The government provides extensive advice for what to do if someone at work has a positive test.

Filled Under: Covid-19 Posted on: 24th February 2021

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