Can I require employees to download the NHS Test and Trace app?

In order to require employees to download the NHS Test and Trace app you would need to:

  • Consider whether the request would be a ‘reasonable management request’
  • Formally assess the risk of infection in the workplace
  • Analyse what other measures are in place in the workplace to help reduce the spread of the virus
  • And, consider to what extent the use of the app would safeguard your workforce and your customers

There are also a number of practical considerations

  • What device would the app be installed on? If workers do not have work phones or do not carry their phones with them during work there will be limited benefit
  • How would you as the employer check the app has been installed and is active and running – you cannot force workers to hand over their personal phones
  • What would you do if the worker did not have a device capable of running the app?
  • How could you enforce people carrying their phones at all times whilst out of work?

Finally, you would need to have a full procedure documenting not only your assessment for deciding the app was required and how it is downloaded and used, but also for what happens if an employee receives an alert from the app.

Filled Under: Covid-19 Posted on: 1st June 2021

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