Our staff turnover is very high – what can we do?

If your business regularly has people joining and leaving again it is easy to blame ‘the staff’ as not having the right attitudes or skills. However the truth is that you have probably not recruited the right people in the first instance and then not communicated with them in order to ensure they stay engaged.

Here are my top tips for improving staff turnover

  • Ensure the people you hire have not just the right skills, but the right fit for your business culture. You could incorporate behavioural interview questions
  • Ensure your pay and benefits are competitive and review this regularly
  • Give your team praise regularly, recognition shouldn’t just be an annual pay rise. Ensure you show your appreciation of good work on a regular basis
  • Have a career path for all roles and make sure this is made clear to staff members so they can see the progression options
  • If possible allow flexible work schedules, many employees leave when their job does not match their lifestyle.

Filled Under: Recruiting Posted on: 1st June 2021

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